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How can custom optics save money?

Catalog optics companies, include substantial price market ups for all their lenses. In many cases this can be 2-3 times what the price of a custom lens would be. At what volume these savings can be found depends on the lens type, for a glass spherical lens you could be saving money 40% in volumes as low as 50 units, for a molded optic it might be thousands of units before the price of the tool will justify pursuing a custom solution. Continue Reading

Optical coating definitions and standards

According ISO 10110 standard optical coatings is divided on two types: protective coatings and functional coatings. Protective coatings are coated on optical elements when safety of optical surfaces and functional coatings is needed. For example, if using of optical device in aggressive environment is planned. Functional coatings are coated on optical elements to provide necessary… Continue Reading